Earning a Jackpot of $110,000


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One regular player in Paddy Power Poker was able to win the largest jackpot prize of $110,000; this was done by winning six times in Sit ‘n’ Go tournaments.

The jackpot that is known as Fort Knox Sit ‘n’ Go Jackpot will assure a player of a minimum cash prize of $50,000 to the lucky winner while it grows bigger every week until someone actually wins it. This time, the lucky winner is Phil Flavin that came from Tramore in Co. Waterford that was fortunate to achieve the said feat and eventually earned him the biggest prize to be given away ever - $110,000.

Phil’s evening actually started pretty good right after he won for the first time on February 19; his excitement grew along with the night because of his amazing achievement of winning several tournaments consecutively. When his playing journey progressed until the early morning of Saturday, he must have felt really nervous since he and his opponent were asked to show their cards to determine who will finally bring home a really big jackpot prize amounting to $110,000. He sure was lucky that night because instead of leaving the tournament with a $75 consolation prize, he was able to achieve a record-breaking win by taking home the total amount of jackpot prize.

Even the Communications Manager of the site Paddy Power Poker was very happy that they were able to give someone that huge amount of money as a jackpot prize.

Another related incident happened when a lucky player in Magic City Casino Poker Room was able to win a total of $195,423 when he was able to get a hold of a Royal Flush. This lucky player is from Florida and his name is Leonides Lopez Martinez; he has been a member of the Magic City Casino located in Miami. Never in his wildest dreams did he imagine that he will be able to come up with a Royal Flush considering the fact that the ratio of his chance of getting that hand is 649,739:1; he only wanted to play that fateful night of April 3, 2010.

When Martinez was dealt his hole cards and saw that he got a King and Ace of Spades, he then saw that the dealer suddenly dealt Kings, Queens and Jacks. Right after this moment, he already knew that he will win the pot, but he definitely did not expect the extra $195,423 jackpot given to those players who will be able to create a Royal Flush hand.

Amazingly, another person was also able to win the Royal Flush Jackpot just a few months ago – specifically on January 13, 2010. After this, Michael Lucas also won the same jackpot and was able to bring home a total amount of money - $194,803.

Even the managers of the casino in Miami are really happy that they were able to give out huge amounts within just a span of three months. They feel that this is truly awesome history that they made possible and they are hoping to give out more jackpot prizes to more people in the future.

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